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If you told me this would be happening a year ago, my psyche would have blocked the message. A decade in college, trained as a therapist, following my "calling." At times life has a peculiar sense of humor...add a worldwide pandemic the mix..and it's like "Dorothy's" house swept up in a Kansas twister and tossed into unfamiliar terrain. I didn't tell you about this because I did not want to be dissuaded, diverted or tripped up by yet another dream left in the debris field from past storms. In life I have realized you need to have a vision to reach the destination you have in mind. All that lies in between is the means to that end, hence, this enterprise (the first of several to follow). I want to live the laptop lifestyle, where I can work from anywhere in the world and afford the lifestyle I seek. It is not one built on materialism and consumption--but rather freedom. Freedom not to have a "boss" a cubical, artificial limitations on how much I can earn or be allowed to do. Unlike Dorothy's sojourn to OZ, my destination is a house within view of the Caribbean, working on my laptop from a lounge chair on the beach. And unlike Dorothy, my mantra is "There's No Place Like Roam." I'm no spring chicken. There is a deep desire to experience one last adventure before it's too late. This year was a prime example of how one can mark time as time quickly passes by. Plus, I want to get the hell out of this country. These past months a but a harbinger of what is to come. The world thinks we're all crazy...and they're right. We are caught in the Matrix, a big hologram of manipulation. Anyway, I did this alone on my own. I built this website even though I had no idea as to how. I created all of the designs even through I am no designer. I built the framework of a business with no business experience. I has to learn about social media marketing (even though I hate social media). Check out my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest sites linked through the store (they are all called Gigginitt)....please give me many likes and comments (it helps the algorithms). But this is not about me--it is about each us and what we are capable of even though we may not realize it. It is about following your dreams and if you don't have one, then find one. It is about "waking up" before it's too late. Gigginitt was inspired by how I saw people adapt in the midst of fear and uncertainty--survival--side-hustles and gigs, business born in a mother's kitchen, the innate activation of dormant abilities coopted by traps of our own making. If this store shall fail, then I'll just open another, then another untilI get the recipe right. Actually, I do plan to Well, that's enough out of me. I hadn't planned to say anything. Maybe this would make or a good first entry of the blog I played to include as part of the website. For all intent and purpose, Gigginitt is active. It is now in Beta version. Browse around, kick the tires and check the doors, view it on your desktop and mobile device. Please if you notice anything that needs to be corrected. Oh....and feel free to shop. As a thank you, and because you're please use the following coupon code at checkout (should you purchase anything) for free shipping and 50% off on your first order. I love all of you very much. Let's do this thing! Robert (a.k.a. Bobby) Coupon Code: LAUNCH50

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